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The other day, I was singing along to my iPod when “my jam” came on. You know that one song that really gets inside you and motivates you to push forward and conquer the task at hand. Many things motivate people, as we are all different, music is what motivates me. I thought if music motivates me, it must motivate other people too.

As #1 Best selling Author, I pride myself in giving you - my valued clients and customers, the coolest audios with information and techniques to help you live your best life possible. Why? Because - Life is Short And I don't know about you but, "I" want to enjoy my time on this Earth as much as I possibly can, don't you?

You see, as a personal development program producer I have the wonderful opportunity to work with world leading personal development experts who understand how things are in the “real world". And a common concern I hear way too often is how frustrated and annoyed some people are at themselves because... They have a goal or a dream that's been idly sitting there for years ... but they never seem to get to it, or reach it, or even get started working their way towards it! And it's resulted in numerous "missed opportunities".

Just think back for one moment... How many potentially "life-altering" opportunities do you think you've missed out on because you were lacking in the self-belief, focus, energy, or the right motivation you needed to follow through?

I'm referring to possible opportunities in: Your career ... or in pursuing a romantic relationship ... in pursuing your ideal body-image... holiday opportunities ... or even acting on exciting new “wealth-creating” opportunities, and the list goes on... The bottom line is: We All Need Help With Motivation.
The problem is: getting help with "long-term motivation" is so hard to come by. Sure, you can attend a motivational seminar or read an inspirational book and be all jazzed up about it for a week, or maybe a few days after. But what happens to your motivation beyond that!? It kind of just disperses over time, doesn't it? I have the partnered with Roy Smoothe to provide the perfect solution to that problem...

Grab The Opportunity To Download And Listen To World Leading Experts In Personal Development From Our ITunes Collection of TEN Best Selling Smoothe Mixx Motivational Albums


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This is an amazing offer... If you purchased each mp3 album seperately it would cost you $130.00 Buy NOW for $29.99 and SAVE $100.00...

Why Struggle With Motivation When You Don't Have To ? The Biggest Failures Tomorrow Are The Ones Who Fail To Learn TODAY!

"Listen and Learn From The Experts" Get Your Hands On The Ten Amazing mp3 Album Downloads Now!

Listen... to the story of when Jim Rohn only had $2.00

Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams and desires. The stop and start process is what kills progress and is probably one of the greatest reasons why many don’t achieve their goals and end up living in continuous discontent, frustration and disappointment. Many buy a new book, sign up for a new program, go like crazy for a few weeks, stop and end up right back where they started. Don't let this be you!

Let the Best in the world help keep you Motivated!
Our roster includes the elite speakers of the world, and we are uniquely positioned to offer you the messages from the 'cream of the crop' motivational speakers. Top Motivational Speakers are skilled in motivating others through public to the corporate world of business. The key goals and objectives of Top Motivational Speakers are to motivate the audience through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics to increase effort and energy leading to improved performance.

In this definitive 10 Album - MP3 download collection, producer Roy Smoothe brings together the most celebrated and timeless success principles in the Smoothe Mixx... a concise, engaging and simple-to-absorb musical format. You’ll listen to and learn proven techniques for mastering the skills, attitudes and disciplines necessary to be extraordinary in today’s fast-paced and hectic world of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media diversions.

THE ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION features 10 mp3 album downloads containing life changing content. This represents a special investment of personal time and dedication that will help separate you from the average performers around you. It is designed to show you how to gain an advantage in your own life - to become a highly motivated individual. The content provides you with critical personal development skills and actions to help you internalize the material and make it a natural part of your life.



 SPECIAL OFFER 10 Albums ONLY $29.99!

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Take Advantage Of ThisAmazing Offer and Enjoy

The Ultimate Motivation



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There really are only a fixed number of days you have on this planet. 28,616 according to recent life expectancy studies in the United States. Think about that for a moment. Your time is finite and can only decrease. Pretty depressing stuff, until you realize that knowing this can actually motivate you into making your life better.

That’s why we have made this special offer for a limited period.

Why should you start listening to The Ultimate Motivation collection?

So You can be inspired and motivated to live life to the fullest.

So You can achieve more, do more, be more in life.

So You can be more energized.

So You Can Get the Success You really Deserve.



10 x mp3 Albums with Life Changing Content

A special Investment Of Personal Time And Dedication from the World's Leading Motivational Speakers

These downloads are designed to show you how to gain an advantage in your own life And Become A Highly Motivated Individual.

Each album provides you with critical personal development skills and actions to help you internalize the material and make it a natural part of Your life.


It's all about...

students yeah

 Designing Your Life

 The Inner Winner In You

 Finding Your Passion

 The Key to Success

 Goal Setting

 Developing Confidence

 No One Is Smarter Than You

 Focus and Concentrate

 Success Leaves Clues

 Winning is a Decision

 Persist Until You Succeed

 Try More Things

 Self Esteem

 The Angel Inside

 Fear of Success

 Limits Versus Limitations

 Risk Taking

 Big Dreams

 Self Made Millionaires

 Success is Balance

 Being an Influence

 Just Take Small Steps

 ...And much more!

Successs Leaves Clues...

Your Chance To Succeed! Buy Now and Enjoy

The Ultimate Motivation


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Do You Find Yourself Struggling With...

Doing all the tasks that you need to do every day? Things like finding energy for daily exercise, doing the grocery shopping, maintaining the spark in your relationship, prospecting new clients, visiting customers, doing the laundry, or even walking the dogs!

Do you sometimes find that just getting started with those "first steps" is a struggle? Me too. Or I did... until I found out about the importance of human psychology. You see, while ordinary folks may be unaware of it, people who are involved with the study of human behaviour and psychology have found ways to actually "tweak" a person's motivation.

By using a simple process of information, repetition and entertainment, it is possible to amplify short-term motivation and expand it into a long-term commitment to improve yourself... That was our intention for developing these superb Smoothe Mixx Motivational audios with our line up of recognized authorities who have excelled in their fields! to help them communicate with people in a cool way, and help those people to quickly get over the barriers to living a successful life.

Take Advantage Of This Amazing Offer and Enjoy

The Ultimate Motivation


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As soon as your order is processed you will receive the link to download the file in your email. (PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL AT PURCHASE) You will receive this email within a few hours of your purchase. The mp3 audios are in the download link. All you have to do is click the file and it will extract the mp3 audio files automatically...... If you are running an older system that does not come with the software required to open ZIP files all you have to do is unzip the file with a free program like 7-Zip (go here to download

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Just Believe You Can Do It: You'll feel a compelling drive to get things done without having to push yourself into anything! You will start to feel the exhilaration of pleasure motivation.

Understand The How: From business excellence all the way to increased sports performance, you'll move to the next level of accomplishment – both academically and physically.

Set Massive Goals & Smart Targets: Helps to silence your "inner-critic" so you can enjoy a life with much less stress the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION will help you manifest a new mindset geared towards self-appreciation and achievement.

Take Immediate Action: You will start to enjoy the most pleasurable motivation there is to experience in life - also known as "positively inspired motivation". You have probably experienced small bursts of this in the past, yet not recognized how or why it happens!

Courage & Commitment: One of my favourite quotes from Dr. Wayne Dyer is: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”... With the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION, you’ll be able to look at business, wealth creation (and also romantic) opportunities with BRAND NEW eyes.

Optimize Your Performance: Much of your success depends on the pace and quality of the decisions you make in life. You'll begin to take charge of your future with much greater confidence and purposefulness.

Overcome the Obstacles: No one is safe from the harmful habits and failure-orientated traits they’ve picked up from their past …and without the right tools they are almost impossible to get rid of since they are so deeply rooted within the subconscious. We give you the opportunity to move beyond this past conditioning (that causes paralyzing states like procrastination and self-doubt) with proven techniques designed to eliminate the problem at the source – your powerful subconscious mind.

Live The Dream: Gain astounding amounts of energy to work and play longer. And maintain focus for longer periods... And much, much more…Listening to the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION will easily give you these results. Not only will you be able to do whatever it is you want to do, you'll be able to do it better, with more energy, and get it done quicker than ever before... guaranteed!

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MOTIVATED FOR CHANGE! In the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION we musically walk you through the fast, easy, and FUN process of preparing you for exciting change. The ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION sets the mood and opens your heart and mind with great positive energy.

INSTANT ACTION:  "Groove Out Of Your Own Way" For Spectacular Results!
The information In the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION helps you replace your procrastination with a POWERFUL and compelling attitude that will make it EASY for you to move forward and take action in TWO Ways: on your daily tasks - as well as for the things that will bring you BIG success!

ENERGY - Enliven And Energize: Rock Your Body & Soul!
Listening to the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION, with the messages you can dance to, you connect to both the MENTAL AND PHYSICAL realms to enliven and energize your whole being. You'll feel mentally refreshed & physically enlivened!

GET INTO YOUR GROOVE: Re-ignite Your Hopes And Desires...
The ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION creates a state of mind that allows you to breathe new life and positive energy back into your dreams helping you to cut through obstacles and create a clear pathway so you can finally "get into your groove" and start attracting positive things (success, love, & whatever you desire) to your life.
GET FUNKY & FOCUS: Get More Done In An Hour Than Others Do All Day!
The ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION quickly helps you develop laser sharp focus, deep concentration and increases your productivity. You simply slip on a pair of headphones, listen and enjoy. That's it. I personally love listening to these tracks while I'm working at my computer. Try it for yourself and see how it refreshes you mentally, improves your focus, organization and concentration. Your productivity will soar!

MUSIC AND MOTIVATION: Let me ask you: Would you prefer to be motivated by pain – or by pleasure? It’s unfortunate that many of us are motivated by the pain in our lives. This causes inconsistent results, slow results, and develops an unpleasant journey for us along the way. Let’s TURN THAT AROUND! It’s easy with the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION COLLECTION which on its own is going to musically influence you for the rest of your life; we can definitely promise you that!


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